Nursing for two

Over the weekend the girls, my husband and I went to a birthday party. There were family, friends, babies, etc..etc. The parents of babies and toddlers were on mommy and daddy patrol, children were having fun, adults were eating and relaxing, mommies were nursing. I happen to be in the middle of my aunt and cousin nursing with of course people around us when my aunt notices what is going on underneath the nursing coverup. She states how cool it is and then looks at me and says oh you have to see Natasha nursing the both of them. She continues to describe how they position themselves and blah blah blah… But then I start with what I now think was tmi..oops. I happened to mention how my husband was on a health kick and wanted to have some pumped for his smoothies. Everyone seemed to laugh. Besides that nursing is the best thing that any mom can do for their child. If you are living a healthy life from the time of conception to after birth why not share it with your child. We are the only animals that are born to drinking artificial products to drinking milk from another animal. It only helps to start a new health life. When will the nursing end, that I don’t know ;).

1 comment on “Nursing for two

  1. Sweet baby jeezus! That “smoothie” comment ….. can NOT be un-read Tasha. As much as I would love to unread it,…

    Danyale ScarredForLife Robinson

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