The 24 hour burger

This weekend I made cheeseburgers on the grill for lunch. I figured I would let the girls try the beef, why not. Well apparently the beef on a bun with some cheese can last a looong time. Lunch was served around 1 pm, daddy came home around 2 pm and everyone left the table to greet him… Along came mr cheeseburger. I asked are you done Kennedy ? No, was her response. An hour later Kennedy is in the playhouse in the yard with mr. Cheeseburger. So I tell her please put the burger in the garbage we’re going out. My husband puts the girls in the car with whom else mr. Cheeseburger. We come home 4 hours later, I bring the burger in , place it in the garbage. But someone must have spotted me and removed it from the garbage because 1 hour later she was hiding from her sister behind the chair with a belly full of laughter and a handful of cheeseburger… At bed time I finally removed the cheeseburger from the house.


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