Happy new year and happy birthday to my babies

Lets all start off on a new journey for the new year! I love new years eve for many reasons; first being because at 10:17 and 10:18 pm my twin girls were born and we rang in that year in a recovery room happier that ever. In a great way I feel that joy every year on this day. I also love the start of new beginnings and NYE is a day to close the door of last year whether bad nor good and grow mentally and spiritually when opening the other. My girls have seen another year and are now 2 wow!! And to think that we all were almost ready for dooms day on 12/21/2012 according to someone Mis reading the Mayans recordings. On that day we were living it up as if it were a just a great winters day… With a lot going on lol. Kennedy and Vittoria attended a holiday party in the mid-town nyc with their dad. We then went over to a holiday party in soho for me (mom) where the girls walked a red carpet… So cute to see kids in front of a step and repeat and last but not least visited the Rockefeller Christmas tree for ice skate watching. Overall it has been a great year for us personally and with our “Precisely Twindollicious” book coming out in March we’re turning the key and opening up that new door. We wish everyone a healthy and Happy new year and god bless!




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