Traveling Twindollicious

Traveling and vacation is one of my personal favorite past times, but when you have 2 children that enjoy it just as much as you…that is a double score!! My husband and I have slowly begun to get our travels back; starting with a road trip from NY-Fla when the girls were 4 1/2 months. Pleasantly surprised but, that was a great trip. We have continued that journey a few more times and this Spring took the leap of faith to travel the seas with them on Royal Caribbean’s Eastern ports voyage. Why the seas before the sky? I am not sure why in this order , but as I said one thing at a time lol. It turned out to be a great thing for the girls. They made tons of friends, the crew learned their names and they were stars on board 🙂 :). There was dancing until their shoes came off, swimming, lots of eating and discoveries..It was like a playground of the sea for them. Vittoria carried her puppy throughout the trip on and off the ship from home to Bermuda, St. Maarten, St. Barths, San Juan and other ports. It is so exciting to share our highlight photos and memories ||see below|| I also have some travel tips for parents when traveling with and without the kiddies in my latest Article written for the Spring edition of the wonderful and infamous Multiplicity magazine. Visit WWW.twiniversity.com; page 37 on the web to read or to purchase. Lastly, here’s a question????
Question: on this trip a Twindollicious discovery was made. One of these locations outline the story behind the next “Twindollicious” story. The story of grandma Rosey, her favorite island vacation and her magic dolls. Which island do you think it is?







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