Happy Readers Photos are the Best!!

I have been receiving some happy readers photos of “Any two can be Twindollicious”. These big beautiful smiles and interested little readers make me sooo happy. Keep them coming πŸ™‚ Tag Twindollicious on Facebook while reading the book.

The Stage is set

As I look at the photo of our completed booth from NYC Javits book Expo America I can’t help but to feel a bit nostalgic. The feeling of walking into a beautifully displayed room full of colors, illustrations and books is a great one. I will continue to add posts, happenings and photos from the…

Booth C978 at NYC book expo here we come!

Here’s a peek of what a section of our booth will look like. A little fluff, tutu puff, books and fun! Oh so Twindollicious πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ what do you think?!

How did you spend your memorial day weekend

As we come to an end to this long, important holiday weekend here in the USA known as Memorial Day I wanted to share some of our activities, thoughts and fashion. The Twindollicious story is available in stores and doing great πŸ™‚ :), so we’ve taken a quick, very quick breath of fresh air to…

What a difference a year makes

Another year has gone by, but for some reason it’s been a year that I have been anticipating to pass. I now have 2 year old twin girls with the funniest personalities ever. Their facial expressions, mini conversations and songs that they sing are amazing! A bigger milestone occurred when the 3 of us were…

My Safety travel tips pg 40-41

My Safety travel tips pg 40-41 Spring is here and may be the start of many families weekend getaways or summer vacation

Theatre groups for children

To celebrate Japan’s Children’s Day we went to see a great performance of “Momotaro’s Magic Book” created by Nanase Kusano; owner of the Theatre Banana for children. This touching story was set in such a tone for the adults to gain interest and for little ones to remain interested. There was dancing, singing, rhyming and…