It’s a cool, cool Summer

It’s mid July and the Summer is flying by but not fast enough to send a breeze our way; That is until tonight.. (But we’re not complaining). We have found ways to stay cool in even cooler places and want to share them with you. The waterfronts are our favorite places, whether it is the beach, river or lake we live it. I think that everyone should know that if they’re fortunate to have one close to their homes… It’s a must do for a cool breeze at anytime of the day or night. Our choice of waterfront playtime has been in Dumbo, downtown Brooklyn and the Hudson river front. The girls are able to ride the carousel, explore what it feels like to be under the Brooklyn bridge, meet new friends, cool off in and by the water while creating new memories. We would live to know What are some of your favorite waterfronts or beaches near you?




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