Whats in a name

I’ve had many people ask why Twindollicious?! I will clarify that question by explaining that as I began this blog, created a title for the first children’s book revolving around characters Violet and Kelly (aka Vita and Kennedy) and continued by designing dresses and tshirts; I was asked where did I come up with the name Twindollicious. Well, like anything new things must grow on you, but when being questioned before its had a chance to grow there’s a moment when you say ok maybe this shouldn’t stick around. The name is a 3D word that is meaningful now and will always be. You see the girls great grandmother has always referred to them as dolls. This will always be a part of Vita and Kennedy’s life, and Twins title is simply because they’re twins. The licious part is because I, as their mom see them as being delicious, dollicious babies forever.
As we begin book 2 of the series, I was again had to ask myself of Twindollcious should remain in the title. I chose to keep it, as it has fully grown and I am most satisfied that I never changed my mind on it. We have launched a kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/search?utf8=✓&term=Twindollicious+

We would love for all of our readers to become a part of spreading the word on this campaign by posting Twindollicious where ever you see fit!! We are 9 days in and the girls are super excited to share book 2, it’s lesson, new characters, and Title with you! Check out their personal You tube cheer!




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