Book Reading Event at the Book Mark Shoppe

Weekends are so fulfilling, especially when they’re filled with activities for the kiddies. It has been proven that spending time and enjoying any child, while watching them enjoy an activity, event or anything new keeps adults feeling young… I’ll take it! As a matter of fact this weekend was filled with kiddies, events and tons of nostalgic moments. We had a Twindollicious book reading event at The Book Mark Shoppe in Bayridge #Brooklyn. Walking into any book store is exciting for me, but even more exciting when you’re propped in the kids section reading “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious” to boys and girls. Looking at their captivated faces, hearing them share and ask questions is confirmation that they were able to relate to the story. When reading was done they weren’t just eager to eat cupcakes and cookies they were eager to share their best friend stories. Book events are wonderful, because the girls get to meet new friends, visit kid friendly neighborhoods (Bayridge,Brooklyn/NY) and take photos (their favorite). Our next book reading event will be in Waldorf, MD; can’t wait to meet, greet and read our story! We love making new friends and if you feel the same come meet us at our next #Event. http://www.twindollicious.com (EVENTS)





2 comments on “Book Reading Event at the Book Mark Shoppe

  1. I just found your blog through Top Mommy Blogs. Your girls and book all look just adorable! I blog over at How Do You Do It? (http://hdydi.com) a blog by and for moms of multiples. Would you be interested in writing a guest post and perhaps offering a giveaway of your book on our site? It might increase your visibility in the MoM world.

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