Holiday Traditions

As the third year of having a family sets in, we’ve realized that these little personalities are rubbing off in us… Or the other way around. The last on the list of our favorite things for the holidays is family traditions. We have continued to bring a pine smelling tree into our home, despite the thorny needles that have spread further throughout the house. We have created a gingerbread house making fun into a competition (thanks to mom and dad) and continue to make holiday reminder pancakes in the morning.
This year we visited a tree farm in NJ. After hours of reading about the spiders that may come home with you, we still brought it home. It was a huge family effort to cut down that tree with the four of us practically under it and grandma standing by to record. There was a little blood, lots of laughs and a huge Grizwald tree atop my mini car.
For our gingerbread house making we purchased two, with the thoughts that the girls would enjoy their own end results of a project. However our #trader joe gingerbread house packages turned into build a brick home for a family competition :). Our last tradition which I completely love is making holiday pancakes. I’ve only mastered making Rudolph, but also add frosty and Santa on other days.
~ Rudolph pancakes: include 1 big round pancake, 1 smaller pancake on top, 2 little tiny pancakes on each side, turkey bacon for antlers, blueberry eyes on top of a spot of butter and raspberry nose.
Happy Holidays :):) !!






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