Thoughts to text Tuesdays

After completing my first children’s book the editor and illustrator that I worked with suggested that I write an ebook or informational guide on how to effectively write, and collaborate with other artists. Shortly after that suggestion I began to receive requests, emails and phone calls with great questions on how to begin writing a children’s book, collaborating and marketing their idea. I could not answer all questions at that time, but consciously wrote the questions down and answered them according to what was effective for me as I went along; the things that have worked. Having a background in Psychology, education and behavioral therapy makes teaching and helping others an enjoyable job. We all know that the beginning of anything includes tons of confusion and questions. If I can assist with a collaboration, clear a thought for your direction or lend a hand at connecting I will. All comments will be answered or by visiting http://www.twindollicious.com/ and shooting an email I will gladly answer any questions. As I begin to share these tips I will say that my personal journey began with my vision:Twin Girls. Of course there is an exuberant amount of passion behind these stories and brand. However I too had to bring my observations and ideas to text in order to jump start that writing! My initial task to anyone in the beginning stages of writing a book is to discipline yourself. Many of us have a super busy schedule and cannot find time, but if you follow this task by dedicating a day it will work… Begin with
Taking your thoughts and putting it to text on Tuesdays!


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