Thought to text through art

Tuesday’s seem like the fitting day to add some pointers for my author friends who have began to reach out for publishing tips. Not only does thought to text Tuesdays sound great but studies show that Tuesdays are the happiest days for most. Today I am sharing the second course of action. Creating thumbnails: this is something you can do before or after finding an illustrator that you love. (That is of you need to find one). I was happily surprised to hear how many people are great writers and artists. If you are a dual talented person starting out thumbnails may have organically began to take place. Thumbnails help with page layout, your book design and story sequence. The best part of creating thumbnails when working with illustrators, is that they can determine what art style to use based on your image sketches. The artist illustrator will love you for this! I have added an image of a new title thats being worked on. With this image the character is built and the style of the story is understood. Pointer thumbnails are a great source of communicating the style of your story to an illustrator.


1 comment on “Thought to text through art

  1. LaToya McLean

    Awesome! You have to SEE the vision 🙂

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