Email alert full of fashion kids

Its a Happy mail day when we receive the BCK Magazine issue 5 with our TwinDollicious feature inclusion. The talented team put together a classic spread of all models, editors, designers and special features of children’s book authors. I have attached as much of the article as I can to share; but highly suggest subscribing if interested in staying in the know of international children’s fashion and artist industry.




Did you dance this weekend?!!

It wouldn’t be a fun weekend without a little dancing. V & K visited the original location of the historical American Band stand while meeting and greeting illustrators and artist from Philadelphia at The Artist Conference. The girls entered the recording room which is still covered with its original layout, danced to Kuumba music and did their very own rendition of “Let it go”… Yes, Disney’s very own Frozen! Dick Clark would be proud :):)20140520-110325.jpg20140520-110333.jpg20140520-110428.jpg


Talented gifts

When setting out to become an author, designer and creator of all things Twindollicious I didn’t know the path would lead us to meeting new people of all ages and creators of great things. I have always been a learner and fond of education, so having the opportunity to learn a new profession has been amazing. Our last year and a half has introduced us to great new friends for the girls and myself. We were recently honored to work with BCK Magazine; created and published by 16 year old art major students! When watching these hound woman express themselves and collaborate with young models and designers & photographers At this age, I can only imagine what in the world will come after high school!
Here’s a sneak peek at their work and beautiful shots of V & K in their designs.
We’re sharing




Surprise mom with these plans and gifts

Mother’s Day / appreciation for family day is what we all it! Here’s our selection of top 3 things that will make this Mothers Day celebration spectacular. I know that there is one in particular one on this list that all moms would love (Hint) A How To that becomes a Will Do! :):)

-Laundry Completed
-Fancy make up made out of chocolate because when do we actually have time to apply and re apply to keep up
-A movie night even if it is to see the new animated OZ movie

We would love to hear some of your top Mother’s Day wishes or plans! :):)

Wishing every mom a happy and blessed Mothers Day from our Twindollicious team to yours! Xo