Why stand alone when we’re all in this together

We’ve survived a full month of school!! Yay! It’s now fresh into fall, fashionable finds, friendships and TwinDollicious fun :):). V & K have settled into school nicely though drop off is still a bit sticky. But from dismissal until bedtime the sounds of the girls pretending to be teachers, and their new friends are heard throughout by role play. It’s so fun to watch and listen to the activities that are being done in class.
“Ok, class now we will go to centers”.
And not to mention that their favorite classroom friends are boy // girl twins (I mean I didn’t decide to write children’s books about twins for nothing lol)
Role play is such a fundamental part of childhood. It has allowed me to see how much they love school and the friends that they have chosen to connect with. The slight changes in how they now express how much they love to wear their hair natural is a great sign of individuality in their style. It may be clear at this stage that they are confident in who they are and proud to have a bestfriend/sister to share life with. And after school cookies at Aunt deb’s never hurt!!





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