Holiday Treats and Travels

We hope you’re all enjoying this holiday season! We found ourselves in the sunny state of Florida immediately after Thanksgiving, there we ventured on to the Disney Dream Cruise…. Which was a blast! If you haven’t experienced the Christmas season in other states or islands yet and find yourself with the opportunity; please do! A part of me felt displaced when given the opportunity but took it on and boy am I happy we did. I think we’re all used to the holiday, home and traditions but as a parent it is our job to expose our children to other cultures and a bit diversity. Listening to music In the Caribbean and playing on the beach with holiday decorated palm trees is quite a change from the NY department store windows, heavy outerwear and frost bitten fingers while visiting the Rockerfeller Center tree….ssh well, we will be sure to do it now that we’re back :):)

One of the most exciting things that we did accomplish while away was the release of our Christmas story book “Santa’s Helpers Save Christmas” which is now available on our site and will be on Barnes Noble, Amazon, 12/25 http://www.twindollicious.com/santas-helpers-save-Christmas/
Along with our holiday collection of golden band and Candy Cane sparkle tutu skirts. In addition we’ve collaborated with the Wyatt Lily boutique, Columbus Avenue in NYC to release a Star studded line of dresses.. Check it out!
So, We have spread ourselves a bit thin (in the greatest way)during this time and plan to take the next couple of days to relax and enjoy our family.

We would love to hear How you will be spending this holiday?!











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