Nursery for Boys

Living in a Dolls world for the last 5 years lead me to feeling like there wasn’t any hope in style in a boys life…especially when decorating a room.  Instead of hiring a designer or just going with the verrrry boy themed options in stores; I chose a style that was created by his name.  

Kenneth Sebastian aka BASH is destined to be a classy cowboy in mama’s eyes. Hey it helped! 

With the theme of bash’s nursery coming from his name as a start; next step was incorporating color.  Blues, grays and of course neutrals are always safe for your home.  As a matter of fact neutrals were used in V & K’s nursery 5 years ago; which lead to the reuse of their crib and crib and bumper set being used for their younger brother.  When designing his nursery a sisters touch was needed; so the girls used scooting paper of their own to add art work and color….which became The highlight of the nursery. (Scroll down to see)

Here’s our boy nursery and the most scrumptious part is that baby!! 

Sign and tassels created by events planner for kids Mia landyn 

Sissy’s art work : picture framed art made by V&K

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