Should we be worried about our children and cyberbullying at a young age

Cyberbullying is a millennial form of bullying that all of us parents should be aware of.  As generations grow ways of life continue to change.  In todays day and age we not only have to be concerned with physical bullying possibilities in school, we must also be aware of cyberbullying in your own home.

Cyberbullying may sound a bit invasive and hard to believe that it can effect your child, but the fact of it all is that most children have their own active social accounts and phones by their pre teens.  Just as friends once shared their telephone numbers and communicated via land lines….they are now able to independently choose whom they will communicate with and connect on a networking basis.  As we all connect to new people good and bad so can our children.

Cyberbullying can occur at an early age, way before maturity has set in a recent report shows that cyberbullying can be even more damaging that physical scars. As a parent we must try everything in our power to avoid our children from enduring emotional illness because of bullying.

Our goal is to keep them emotionally stable and strong. Aaron Minc


What do we do if our child is the victim of cyberbullying? Contact a Aaron Minc



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