diy Halloween

4 steps to Spooky Yummy DIY Halloween party treats 

It’s countdown to Halloween 👻 and every weekend seems to be a celebration leading up to it!

We enjoyed co hosting a Halloween party with friends and family and wanted to share this DIY recipe for kids with you!

Video on how to diy

-Jumbo size marshmallows

-Long toothpick sticks

-Nestle chocolate melts …just because the chips melt the best

-Jar of chocolate cake frosting

-Any kind of decorative sprinkles

Always remember safety first so please use OVEN MITTENS because the heated bowl gets really hot and you must dip Marshmallows when chocolate is hot.

Ready—– have all of your ingredients layers out in individual trays or dishes

Step 1: Take all of your marshmallows and place them on the sticks

Step 2: place your chocolate chips ina microwaveable bowl

Step 3: heat the chips in microwave for 2.5 minutes

Step 3: quickly dip each Marshmallow in the chocolate melt … then add sprinkles

Step 4: place tray of completed marshmallows in the freezer for 45 minutes

Spooky yummy chocolate covered marshmallows

We wouldn’t be great cohosts without bringing along some prizes for our contests so we packaged these bite size pretzel minis into Velcro bags.  All prize winners received   This perfect sized reusable bag filled with treat to use again!

trick or treat!!

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