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Now is the time to plan for their future

There will be a time in the very near future when we will be sending our children off to college. For our family and others with multiples this will take a double effect on your savings.  There are many ways to began educating ourselves with knowledge on what the best approach will be. I recently attended a college prep savings seminar which lead me to share this article on our planned option 1. financial plan  Yes, the twins are only 6 years old by time sure does fly, especially when you’re not prepared.

Capital Alliance  is offering one of the best opportunities possible to students who are starting off and need a bot of financial boost.   All financial companies have opportunities for business, but not all offer specialties like this for students as well.  I plan to stay in connection with Capital Alliance for this may be a beginning of opportunities with more to come as our time for college becomes a reality.

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