BFF holiday gift guide for MOMS

🎁🎄THis holiday gift guide is for your BFF ( aka perhaps another mom) that just doesn’t have the time to write her own holiday wish list to Santa, family, friends or significant other.

– ✨✨✨Listed Below✨✨✨

A pair of @earthbrands shoes to walk the pavement while shopping for that special gift you just can’t find online.

A perfect package of @teaforteofficial for that moment (which usually doesn’t happen) when you’re able to relax after shopping for the holidays

A @pearheadinc chalk list to list the extra special gift she’s been wishing for from Santa…..note: the chalk is wonderful for adding more on those extra NICE days.

A @namebubbles label pen just to personalize the perfect bottle of wine by @noblevineswine

A @hallmark holiday card, because when it’s sent with #hallmark its sent with love

Did I mention how @noblevineswine would make such a divine gift for a BFF?

Last but not least @23andme kit to help her discover that she is the heir of the Queen herself.. and no not #Beyonce the one that could get you a key to the Buckingham Palace. –

links below

earth         noble           23 and me      hallmark        pearhead       name bubble    tea forte


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