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We found a new Math Homework Buddy

Now that V & K are in the second grade their math homework is taking a little more time to complete.

There are times when my explanation of an answer to equation is just not enough. This is where our new buddy comes in The Wise ‘Ol Owl .

This wise new friend of ours has the capability of helping with basic multi function addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The blackboard calculator speaks the numbers and answers when pressed, in your selected language. Yes, multi lingual purpose. The language choices are French, Spanish and English.

Though it is battery operated you are able to save the life of battery with the automatic shut off when not in use for 4 minutes. This little Owl is so light and easy to handle with manageable rubber keys. It can be placed on the table with your books as we love to do when working with the Wise ‘Ol Owl blackboard calculator.

Now we have less sad faces and more cheering and teamwork during math homework!

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