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How do you Embrace your Ambition?

Well, my Tuesday was pretty empowering this week.

After applying to the Tory Burch Foundation Embrace Ambition summit.

I waiting and waited for a response, received an email that there was opportunity to view live via web and felt that all applications were closed. Days later I received that “you’re invited” email- you know the one that is uber exciting! I was beyond excited to know that I’d be experiencing this event in person. I was going to be able to feel the Ambition of the speakers , guests within the audience and network with other business owners.

I made an accountability promise to reach out to 5 people I did not know and share my story as a pitch in practice.

-YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS it’s such a game changer to your confidence!

Here with Denise of Fidi Families

I actually walked away meeting, networking and perhaps furthering relationships with 9 people from the Summit.

As I continue to share the message of sibling love and embracing the commonalities of building bonded relationships between twins, siblings and friends through books and lifestyle products….. I will encourage my peers as well as the kiddos to embrace their ambition and crush those goals!

1. Getting our books in the hands of Marley Dias #1000blackgirlbooks

2 comments on “How do you Embrace your Ambition?

  1. So beautifully written, this was indeed an incredible summit!

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