New 2018 Biggest baby shower 5 brands we love

The biggest baby shower is such a popular event for parents and parents to be. It’s a night where NYC and metro area commuters come together to learn about new products and brands that are showcasing to teach parents and media what’s new in the industry. As a mom of 3, which includes a blessing toddler I was in attendance to bring our favorites to our readers here.

1. The new stroller organizer. No only is it stylishly designed but its compact and easy to clean. Love the durability of all things as we may have shared before.

2. Honest beauty and bubble bath! For baby and momma what a perfect way to shop from honest company. The bubble bath is so perfect and definitely tear free. This radiant color is what I have been looking for, for the fall season. The new beauty line is so diverse and on trend. The best part of both and many honest products are long lasting, even the new diapers hold more than most brands.

3 Lovevery is a new brand that I’ve.m come to love because of their message. The sensory tools and toys are great for growing baby. The books on emotion or for next stages of growth and understanding.

4. Babobotanicals is another one of our long time favorite. I have been using this brand since V & K were babies so I am always enthusiastic about what’s new and available to share. This gem that is held by the cutest bear is perfect for this time of year especially. Chafing and chapping and eczema no more with the hydrating stick

5. Fuji Instax and the new line of creatively designed cameras are amazing! The printers are so versatile that it’s hard to tell if it is a printer or just a piece of art. The photo printing from the new Instax camera itself is so clear and easy to share. We enjoy taking our Instax photos on vacation with us all of the time

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