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The One thing on our Black Friday shopping list

Were you dreaming of this weekend’s sales like the awesome one Abercrombie is having RIGHT NOW where you can grab 40% OFF the ENTIRE store!

Did you have your list ready for Black Friday shopping?

We had one request from V & K : an extra cozy, fluffy, and stylish coat!

Abercrombie Kids

11 comments on “The One thing on our Black Friday shopping list

  1. I love those coats! I actually saw some twins wearing a coat like like the one with the brown fluffy fur. I saw them a few weeks ago while I was in another town visiting friends. I gave the kids a compliment on their coats! If it was cold enough wear I live my son would have a coat like these!

  2. Lovely coats, I didn’t do any black Friday shopping this year but maybe next year or the Christmas sales

  3. Those coats look so cozy and warm. This time of year is ideal for finding great deals on expensive items like coats.

  4. Roger Willis

    Those are some beautiful coats! I am sure my girls would love to have one.

  5. 40% off is not a deal to be sniffed at. That’s really great. Many bargains are up for grabs. I love these Abercrombie coats.

  6. What a smart time to buy winter coats! These are so stylish and cute! I’ll have to check Abercrombie out next time I need new coats for my girls.

  7. Thena Franssen

    I’m in love with those coats! Stylish and comfy!

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