Let’s talk about Spring

It’s officially Spring and the sun came along with it!  We’re ready for all of the spring colors and flowers that are in season for kids fashion & styles. V & K cannot wait to wear the new patchy tutus that come in their favorite color pink and of course that special staple color black….

Secrets to Twin Fashion

Being a twin means many things…like having a best friend forever, having someone to finish your sentences, having someone read your mind (hey you never know) even pretend to be you; if you’re identical …but the most perks of being a boy/boy or girl/girl twin is that you can enjoy each others fashions when you…

Put on the music and dance

Tuesday is happy day, music day, dancing and dress up day! Let’s take a moment to enjoy a quick laugh or a smile. These two girlies make it easy even if it’s only for a moment :):) Believe me that quick second of laughter will remain in your thoughts longer than anything else.

Talking Do’s and Dont’s

We usually don’t post these things on the blog, but after visiting a friend Who’s a director of a very popular talk show we began to speak about letting go and giving up. It’s a hard thing to understand. What is the difference between letting go and giving up. In a relationship letting go should…