Where should we place our first medals 

It has officially been a year since V & K asked to join gymnastics and hard work has paid off. These two dolls worked hard to learn all about what gymnastics has to offer up until the last day of meets.  We are now at the point where a decision is needed to be made on whether they will join pre teams. We’d love to hear your thoughts? 

They are 6 going on 7 and have been told numerous times that they have potential and the talent is clear.  Though the girls do show differences in strength they truly enjoy tune with their friends and the cheering and support they receive and give to each other. 

At their first meet they earned beautiful medals! They are so proud of hemselves and each other.  As soon as we arrived home I thought it would be great to hang these beautiful things ; but where? We used Velcro Brand adhesives ( which we picked up at our local Michaels store). 

The small sized Velcro square fit perfectly on the band of the medal.  We simply found the perfect spot on the wall and hung them with pride… can’t wait for them to add more medals to their walls

NYFW behind the scenes with V and K

New York fashion week may be behind us but we’re just getting started to plan lots of exciting things for V & K’s life on the runway. 

We had the honor of attending shows for Rookie USA kids by haddad bros for make a wish foundation. While there we were lucky enough to attend adult runway stages and walk on them after the seasoned professional models of top designers.  Exciting is beyond how the girls felt when Rae (runway trainer to the models) and Laurie of  LDJdesigns (production co for fabulous exclusive runway shows) invited them for a behind the scenes moment. 

From one professional runway trainer to a mom’s ears … V & K are naturals and are ready for some real runway events… so here they come; one step at a time, with smiles. 

E entertainment Fashion police studio box wearing Zara kids / Uggs / faux fur ,cat purse 

Summer Goals of fun

As much a sweeping like to say that the past few weeks have been wake up, drink coffee (for mom), work on the beach it hasn’t. Thankfully we do have a good amount of weeks left for our “Beach Please” mode.   But, this Summer has been marked as our reach out and touch more TwinDollicious friends Summer! 

Our team goals are to be apart of our community, NOT to attend camp 😉😉 and reach families that enjoy sibling love, friendship and joy of fashionable keepsake clothing like our own. We have teamed up with great photographers, childrens magazines, vendor events and runway show organizers, all while making new friends.  We will be happily sharing these collaborations with links to our social media for future events; if it’s of interest to you or someone you know (it’s great to help a friend) please contact or connect with us with any questions, or comment below. 

To share the magazine collaboration that is available on magcloud check out the photos below: 

Social media 

How to rip the runway

We’ve all seen models grace the runway and walk for spectacular designers year after year worldwide, but there is just something about little fashionistas gracing the runway that is purely glamorous! 

V & K and TwinDollicious were given the opportunity to join in the BCK Magazine’s first runway show. The Spring collection were worn by such adorable models ranging in the ages of 6-9; yet their model behavior reflected Giselle Bundchen once hitting the runway stage. V and K assisted styling in the dressing room and then key chained along the runway with great big smiles.  We’re gearing up to do it again on another stage and location and we cannot wait to share. 

Follow our social media handles @twindollicious for updates and events :):)



Kids Fashion Week and Back To School Bash

Fashion week always presents excitement for us ever since the girls became apart of a little thing called Kids Fashion Week. This is our second year of taking part of the NYFW for kids shows and show cases. Over the weekend The girls actually walked the runway, unlike last years events of fit modeling and photo session. This years Back To School Bash at the Barcaly Center in Brooklyn NY included a wonderful runway to showcase fun new fall designs by children’s clothing designers who have collaborated with Stork Children’s Boutique. I have included some fun photos of the girls as they await their turn to walk the run way, heading towards the runway and smiling after effects with NY’s great DJ Envy, whom made them dance the day away!! And when it was all said and done two little voices asked “stage again” and I said to myself uh oh. Wishing everyone a successful year at school!





Summer Fun Fall Fashion

By the looks of what’s to come we’re in for a busy fall season for Twindollicious and the sissy’s. I will be posting lots of fun photos of the girls rehearsing for a fashion show, (happening in September) that they will be a part of. They will be modeling new designers and partnerships funded by and given at the Barclay Center, NY.

Over the weekend they were their busy friendly selves; meeting friends, had numerous fittings (a girls dream), approving new looks for Twindollicious and even enjoyed some downtime. I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and enjoying the last few weeks… Time does fly when you’re enjoying yourself. This is why summer brings about the best memories.





We believe in white after labor day

I don’t know who made up the rule of not wearing white pants, skirts, shorts, dresses or whatever after labor day, but I think it’s shameful to keep this tradition going. As I was dressing my Twindollicious girlies I hesitated before putting on their white ankle cuffed joe jeans. Then I thought what am I crazy??… They weren’t cheap and they’re pretty stylish for 20 month old girls. The most important thing was to not begin to teach them things that actually does not hold meaning to me. With that, they can wear what ever they want with confidence and look beautiful. What do you think?