Annual twins fest extravaganza! 

Another year of fun and we can’t believe that it’s already over! Twinsfest that is! 

V & K truly enjoyed their time at twins fest this year; so much so they wished it would never end. We packed up our whole family including grandma for this adventure… through rain, across the mountains to Twinsburg, Ohio, where we rekindled with friends from as far as Australia to our home town of NY. 

“TwinDollicious summer camp here we come” made it to our warehouse just in time to share the new story with all of our friends.  They have been waiting for this sibling loved series and the next chapter of V & K’s adventures; and we were ecstatic to Share! 

There are always amazing and interesting people attending the fest and this year Siamese twin brothers aged 65 attended for the first time. Though the brothers live pretty close by it was their first year attending.. They were happy to be there and happily took photos with other sets of multiples. Brothers Ronnie and Donnie are in the Guinness book of world record as of two years ago. They worked in the circus up until 1991 when schools would not allow them to attend.  I’m pretty sure that all of the twins welcomed them to their happy place and made them feel at home so much so that they will make this an annual tradition for themselves as well. 

Our little mascot enjoyed every bit of his first year at Twinsfest as well.  He found a comfortable seat in the game day walk about while numerous chauffeurs towed him around and enjoyed their own test runs during the annual parade.

Happy National Twins Day

This one is for all of the twin lovers and twins! 


Many of our twin friends are headed to Twinsburg, Ohio this weekend for the national twins fest.  We will be missing this year, due to the new bundle of joy but can’t wait to introduce him to all of the fun next year.

I’ve added a link to read an article I’ve written for Multiplicity magazine regarding when is the right time to let your twins or children do the work themselves. (Click & Comment…would love to hear your thoughts) 

TwinDolls and friends in our favorite summer collection

Here’s a fun summer read and interesting topic I had the pleasure of working on see link:

The number one way to create memories

We live for creating memories and growing little humans that enjoy life! With that we began the tradition of attending Twinsday Fest, which happens every year in August in Twinsburg, Ohio.

V & K are now 4 years old and needed a little refresher to remember from one year to the next, but once catching up with friends … from the years before enlightened their memories. 

There’s so much fun happening during the 3 day weekend that an extra day is needed to soak it all up.   Besides all of the hard work put in at our TwinDollicious booth; which was a hit!! If you know a duo that would love our new TwinTastic tees  – check it out :):) they were loved by many mamas’ and gLam-mas. 

The girls met so many new friends and partied at the amusement park until the fireworks rocked the night sky. By the time we arrived at our hotel the bell cart was needed to carry them to our room – I did mention that they’re 4 now & I can no longer hold them both ….sigh 

Here are some fun photos.  We would love to hear about your summer of making memories in comments below. ❌⭕️❌⭕️ 

Long day…can you spy K?  

Traveling Twindollicious

photo (6)

photo (5)

We are in the midst of our Book Tour and wanted to share a few fun stories and finds while on our road trip. Our Tour vehicle is filled with boxes of Any Two Can Be Twindollicious , DVD’s, Twindollicious dresses, snacks, snacks and tons of garbage bags and handy wipes to keep the vehicle smelling as if humans are riding it; my husband, myself and my 2 munchkins; who are the best travel partners ever. Our first leg started in Easton, PA; where we met tons of new friends and read stories to a great group of children and their families. We couldn’t go on without stopping in Walmart….the 24 hour shopping mecca for everything. Next Stop Twinsburg, OH!!