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bc2ef10f-bdd1-41e5-84a6-e7ddcccd6a59  Luna Park Halloween Harvest News    

More to Love: Don’t forget to purchase your All Day Wristband to unlock the full Halloween Harvest Experience! From pumpkins at Blackbeard’s Pumpkin Patch, to balloon twisting & story time, you won’t want to miss it!

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Got a sweet tooth?
Remember to say Trick or Treasure when you see our costumed characters around the park for a sweet treat! Enjoy Campfire Marshmallows, chewy Cow Tales caramels, Welch’s new Fruit Rolls & Pirate’s Booty snacks!
Celebrate Cyclone
There’s still time to celebrate the Coney Island Cyclone’s 90th Birthday! Stop by for a ride or two, purchase your on-ride photos, or pick up your limited edition Cyclone 90th gear from the Last Stop Retail Shop.

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3 comments on “Press // Featured In

  1. Hi there, I searched for blogs about twins to kind of see similar blogs to my own. I came across your picture of the twin girls so adorably dressed up; so cute! I was wondering, what do you mean by break down the code of twin language? I was just wondering cause I’m a twin and my twin sister and I are inseparable, maybe I could help?

    • Hello
      I think that your blog is adorable as well. I see so many similarities in my girls, like sleeping together and holding hands. My two are like magnets and find themselves side by side after being placed in two separate sides of the bed. The twin language came about when the were first beginning to babble. I could not figure out what thy were saying but they would always babble to each other. I loved it!!

      • That is so precious! Being a twin myself, I remember babbling, and it really was our own language. Very interesting that your girls do the same, very adorable

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